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Course Information

  1. All the course are FREE OF CHARGE.
  2. Applying for courses require form submission. Form can be found here
  3. Total course duration is 20 hours, split into 4 weekends (Saturday only).
  4. Number of applicants to be recieved : 20
  5. JTPD (İstanbul JUG) management chooses and announces 20 applicants 3 days before the course.
  6. Despite the availablity of computers, course attendants are encoured to bring their own computers.
  7. All attendants are to attend to all of the course parts, Seçilen kişi eğitime 27 kasım da başlar, aradan katılma (örneğin sadece 04 Aralıktaki orta seviye Java eğitime katılınamaz)
  8. Eğitim sonuna elektronik sertifika verilecektir.

Contact: altuga[at]jtpd.org     taner.diler[at]gmail.com

27 October 2010 - Eclipse

Instructor : Muharrem Tac

  • What is Eclipse?
  • Architecture
  • Views & Perspectives
  • Workspace
  • Installattion & Usage
  • Eclipse projects
  • Plugins
  • Eclipse  Distributions
  • Eclipse  e4
  • Samples

04 December 2010 - Intermediate Java

Instructor: Taner Diler

  •  Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  •  Polymorphism
  •  Inner and Anonymous Classses
  •  Generic Types
  •  Annotations

11 December 2010 - JSF - Spring - Hibernate  

Instructor: Mustafa Daşgın  

  • Introduction to JSF
  • JSF LifeCycle
  • Managed Beans
    • Bean Scopes
      • Request, Session, Application scopes
      • View ve Conversation scopes
    • Bean LifeCycle
    • Managed Bean definition with XML
  • Expression Language
    • ● Calling Methods
  • Redirections
    • Static Redirections
    • Dynamical Redirections
  • Standart JSF Tags
  • Facelets
  • Conversion ve Validators
  • Ajax

  • Introduction to Spring Technologies
    • Spring Modules
    • Core
    • Data Access
    • Web
    • AOP
    • Test
  • IoC Container
    • What is IOC?
    • Container Configurations
      • XML Based
      • Annotations Based
      • Java Based
  • Beans
    • What is Beans?
    • Creation of Beans
      • Using Constructor
      • Using Static factory method
      • Using Instance factory method
  • Bean Scopes
    • Singleton &Prototype Scopes
    • Request v& Session Scopes
    • Critical Cases on Scope Dependencies
    • Creating a new scope and usage of it
    • Bean lifecycle
  • Transfusion Dependency
    • Using Constructor
    • Using Setter Methods
    • Ways of Transfusion Dependency
      • Transfusion of primitive values
      • Transfusion of  Bean Referances
      • Transfusion of Collections
      • Autowiring
  • AOP
  • DataAccess on Spring
    • JPA
    • Transaction Management
  • Spring - JSF Integration

  • Persistence?
    • Paradigma incompatibility
    • Granülarite Uyumsuzluğu
    • Subtype incompatibility
    • Identity incompatibility
    • incompatibility on Relationships
    • incompatibility on accessing data
  • ORM?
  • Introduction to JPA
  • O/R Mapping (Annotation Based)

18 December 2010 - Apache Wicket - Javascript - Spring - JPA

Instructor: Altug Bilgin Altıntas

  • Ajax Applications
    • html and dom structure
    • javascript event
    • asynchronous applications
    • document object model (DOM)
  • Develop applications with Apache Wicket
    • Introduction to Apache Wicket
    • Project structure of a Wicket application
    • Starting a Wicket Project
    • Basic components
    • Form components
    • Posting Forms
    • Validation and Verification witch Wicket
    • Feedback messages
    • Wicket Panels
    • Inheritance between Web pages
    • SEO (search engine optimization)
    • Bookmarkable URLs
    • Datagirid and Listview
    • Wicket and JSF comparison
    • Performance ve Scalability
  • Wicket and Spring integration
  • Wicket ve Spring ve JPA

Information About Instructors

Muharrem Taç

Muharrem started his software career in 2000 as a software specialist. Now he is working in M2 Bilişim . Previosly he had worked at Bilginç IT Academy and Martı Software, participating projects of Avea, Yapı Kredi Sigorta, Borusan Telekom, Nike and Aktif Bank. He also takes part in Gelecekonline.com development and management, and is a member of ISTANBUL JUG
Contact : muharremtac [at] gmail.com Blog : www.muharremtac.com

Taner Diler
Taner has been working as Java Soft. Developer in Turkey since 2002. He developed financial risk softwares for banks, was a part of a team in Biletix (TicketMaster) and now is working as a team leader in Linkz. He is also Istanbul JUG Leader and vise president of society of Java Technolohies and Programmers.
Contact : taner.diler[at]gmail.com; http://tr.linkedin.com/in/tanerdiler

Mustafa Daşkın (Primefaces)

Mustafa has been working as Java Soft. Developer in Turkey since 2006. He developed with JSF/Struts/iBatis technologies. Now he is part of primefaces techologies.
Blog : mdasgin.wordpress.com

Altuğ Bilgin Altıntaş (kodcu.com)

He started to work in 1999 as a software engineering  now he is working as a consultant in Toyota
Altug is the author of Java and Software Design book which was first published in 2003 and is now 4 edition. Altug is founding president of the Java Technology and the Association of Programmers (www.jtpd.org) also known Istanbul JUG.
Contact : http://tr.linkedin.com/in/altuga  - altug[at]jtpd.org